Lukas Auer aka "DoktorDrone", born 1984 in Salzburg, Austria.
Self-employed, full time UAS entrepreneur, engineer and pilot, since 2010.
Interested in sophisticated, remote, difficult and special UAS operations worldwide.
10 years practical experience, 3500+ hours flight-time, a vast and highly developed drone fleet, the skill to adapt, create, try, hack, and repair. 
Inventor of the DroneCAGE, the P-SWARM, 18650class, Perplexagon, human drone maydenflight in 2016, working with the European Union for several scientific research projects, professional high quality aerial cameraman, large area mapping expert, cross-platform UAV trainer, award winner "EuropeanDroneHero2018".
Trusting, in the good will of people and their talents, looking for things you can not buy!